This testimonial is a poor substitute for the debt of gratitude that I owe Attorney Rafidi. It was a GOD send and pleasure meeting him.
Due to the charge that I was facing recently and doing the type of work I do, that work being public safety, that I’ve done my entire life.
When I say my entire life it’s not a euphemism it’s the truth. The conviction would have crippled me and without a doubt disenfranchised my life.

An old girlfriend of mine that was a secretary in a legal firm described to me that whenever one of the attorneys drew a public defense case the client was lucky to even get a call back from the prospective attorney. The attorney generally approached the client at the last minute on the day of court with the routine pre-packaged deal and presented it to the client as the best they could do.

Conversely, Attorney Rafidi basically refused to sell me out. He was always open to pushing the envelope. Always kept the option open for me to go to trial and all the while kept me grounded in the process. His calm demeanor, conscientious logical approach and legal expertise in this case truly saved me. He is a credit to the legal profession.

I’m not a person that pursues wealth however I wish I had the ability to compensate Attorney Rafidi for the value of what his diligent labor is worth. It saddens me that I am unable to do that because he truly deserves it.

Thank you again Attorney Rafidi for no less than honestly saving me.
James T., Girard, Ohio